About Tiare Films

Tiare Films are wedding and event filmmakers based in Rarotonga, Cook Islands.

Justine and Andy on Muri Beach.

Justine and Andy after Hannah and Shaun’s sunrise wedding, Muri Beach, Rarotonga.

Justine Flanagan

Justine is Tiare Films’ director, A-camera, and editor. Her background is in arts documentary with films screened in New Zealand film festivals and exhibition spaces.

She’s been making films for over a decade, and has a eye for expressing character and a sense of occasion through moving images.

Andy Kirkwood

Andy is Tiare Films ‘groom-cam’. His strength is in capturing events as they unfold – from food preparation and performances to family wedding traditions. He also takes care of our sound recording and graphic design.

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The story of our name

Tiare (pronounced ‘tee-ah-ray’), is Cook Islands Māori for ‘flower’.

Flowers are a key part of wedding festivities and also remind me of my nana.

Teariki Putaiariki Nau Tangiiau-Flanagan moved to New Zealand from the Cook Islands in the 1940s. The flowers in her garden were a connection to her family and friends back in the islands.

Our island maiden illustration is in the style of New Zealand artist E Mervyn Taylor, known for his woodcut prints of Māori legends and New Zealand flora and fauna – notably featured in the New Zealand School Journal of the 1940-50s.

Like Taylor we aim to tell a story by capturing the essential qualities of people, places and events.

Our style: How we capture a day to remember

Our background is in documentary filmmaking. Creating a film that captures your day is about drawing on this background along with having an ‘emotional eye’ – using intuition and experience to guide who, what and how we film.

We like to meet and talk through the details that are important to you. Whether it is the venue; a key part of your ceremony; the gathering of family and friends; or the music, food and festivities at your reception.

Production still from Jacquie and Teva's wedding.

On location in New Zealand.
Jacquie and Teva’s wedding, Kapiti Coast

Filming with an emotional eye

We’re ‘people’ people, so if you happen to see us while we’re filming, you might see Justine wipe away a tear during a heartfelt speech; or Andy smiling behind the camera as the music starts for the first dance (his favourite part of the day).

If our films make you smile, laugh or cry, it’s likely that we were feeling those same emotions behind the camera while we were filming – or remembering the emotion of the people around us when crafting the edit.

Editing: Telling the story of your day

For us, editing is about telling the story of your day.

Justine weaves together the moments that we've filmed; audio (such as your vows, readings, speeches, and live music); along with music tracks that you have chosen.

…the greatest compliment we receive is that watching our films “feels just like being there”.

The result is a film that you’ll be proud to share with family and friends. One of the greatest compliments we receive is, that watching our films, “feels just like being there”.

To find out if we’re the best people to capture your day, take a look at our films. Online we have a number of short highlight films you can watch. We’re also happy to show you some of the films we’re made for other couples over a cup of coffee (or ice-coffee in Raro).

We look forward to meeting you.
-Justine and Andy, Tiare Films

Documentary or Cinematic?

There are typically two main styles of wedding videography: documentary and cinematic.

Documentary videography, also commonly referred to as unobtrusive, fly-on-the-wall or candid, has much in common with wedding photojournalism. The videographer films events as they happen, and then selects and edits together the footage to tell the story of the day.

Cinematic videography, has more in common with formal wedding photography. Just as a formal wedding photographer will choreograph poses, a cinematic videographer will script activities to shoot with the bridal party and guests over the course of the day.

In practise, a wedding filmmaker may combine techniques from each style depending on the ceremony and wishes of the couple.


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